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High Throughput Screening and Quantitation Methods for 181 Veterinary Drug Residues in Animal Source Food

This method includes 181 common veterinary drugs of 17 classes, such as steroid hormones, sulfonamides, nitroimidazoles, β-adrenergic receptors, quinolones, and mycotoxins. It has been tested in samples of chicken, beef and pork, and proved to be effective for screening and quantitative analysis of multiple veterinary drug residues in meat.

Benefits for 181 Mixed Solution Cost Effectiveness:

  • Avoid purchasing hundreds of standard materials, reduce inventory cost and prevent losses caused by expiration of analytical standards.
  • Compactness: Using 17 ampoules instead of 181 bottles, drastically reduces the constraints on testing and storage.
  • Time Efficiency: No sample weighing, mixing, solution preparing or bottling work needed, allowing for faster analysis in only 13.5minutes.
  • Error Reductions: No interruption during sample weighing and solution making, reduces the risk of mistakes.
  • Compatibility with Sciex Method Kit: Compatible with Sciex 4500, 5500, or 6500 LC-MS/MS instruments, 60~120% recovery rate for over 96% of veterinary drugs.

Source: SCIEX method kit for 181 veterinary drugs screening and quantification

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