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LC-MS/MS Method for 51 of Routine Monitoring Pesticides in Vegetables and Fruits

To ensure the safety of agricultural products, there is a routine monitoring system set up to perform multiple analyses of pesticides in vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products. Among the 70 pesticides specified for the annual routine monitoring, 51 of them are suitable for LC-MS/MS analysis. An efficient high throughput LC-MS/MS method has been disclosed by Sciex for the 51 specified pesticides.

SCIEX is a global leader in pioneering mass spectrometry technologies, providing effective solutions for scientists and lab analysts around the world. As strategic partners, we have closely collaborated with Sciex to provide many FirstStandard® reference materials and standard solutions, including the pesticides mix solution used in this LC-MS/MS method.

Main Features of the Method

  • Simultaneous detection of 51 pesticides, testing time as short as 7.5 minutes, significantly saved the analysis time.
  • Use QuEChERS method (AOAC 2007.1) for sample treatment, clean sample with simple operation.
  • Proved with the Triple Quad 3500 and 4500 Mass spectrametrs for matrix of leeks, beans and strawberries, practical for real samples.
  • Continuous analysis of 120 samples in 15 hours, give stable and reliable results.

The method includes sample treatment, standard curve, data collecting methods, quantitative analysis and report template. 

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