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Mix Standard Solutions

Quick, convenient, and one-time detection of multiple components. Explore how we can help make your testing easier with mix solutions.
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FirstStandard® Reference Materials

FirstStandard® is our trademark of high-quality ISO 17034 accredited reference materials.
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Custom Synthesis

We ensure cost efficient custom synthesis and custom mix standard solutions to meet your demands.
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FirstStandard® Reference Materials

FirstStandard® Reference Materials

We have a comprehensive inventory of food safety testing standards for food nutrients, food additives, pesticides, veterinary drugs, toxins, etc., as well as thousands of Reference products for environmental safety, pharmaceutical metabolites & impurities, traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients & natural products, clinical testing, stable isotope labeling, pure compounds in chemical industry, etc.

We offer complete and traceable analysis & test reports, CoAs, production records, storage and transportation records with reasonable price, fast delivery, and quick support.

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Experts in Organic Synthesis

With over 30 years of experience, ACT is capable of designing custom and efficient synthetic routes for both new and known compounds. Our specialties and past projects include organic synthesis, fine reagents and analytical standards, and small organic molecules. 

Our team is committed to providing our customers with constant support through the various steps from quotation, synthesis, QA/QC, to deliver and beyond. 

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