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Solution for Full Process Analysis of Multiple Veterinary Drug Residues - 189 Veterinary Drug Standards

A variety of veterinary drugs are needed in livestock and fish breeding, and hundreds of veterinary drugs are commonly used in the market. These veterinary drugs have certain residues in animal foods that can harm our health long-term, therefore supervision of veterinary drug residues in animal foods has become a hot topic.

The increasing controls and stringent requirements have made veterinary drug residue testing more challenging. In the face of these challenges, do you feel that the multiple methods currently used to classify and detect multiple veterinary drug residues in foods are time-consuming and laborious? Are you still worried that the limited equipment and manpower can't meet the growing number of testing projects and tasks?

Agilent has developed a comprehensive solution for multiple veterinary drug residues in the Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system, covering the whole process from sample preparation, acquisition methods, data analysis, and final report generation for veterinary drug residue analysis. It can analyze 189 veterinary drug residues in animal food in only one injection at the same time, greatly save your cost and time.

Collaborating with Agilent, we offer the 189 veterinary drugs in pure form, single-component and multi-component standard solutions in the method.

Contact us to for full product list and components of "189 Veterinary Drug Standards".


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